The following itinerary is only a proposal and may be altered as desired. We suggest arriving in Israel on a Wednesday (overnight flight from the West) because Tuesday is, typically, the least expensive day to fly. Your first full day is arranged to begin on a Thursday; however, your group may arrive any day and the itinerary will be adjusted accordingly.

10 – Day Proposed Israel Experience Itinerary


israel1Day 1 – Arrival and Jerusalem

We have finally arrived in the Promised Land after an overnight flight from home. We are met at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport and escorted to our transportation. On the way to Jerusalem, we will see both the ancient and the modern as we are on our way to dinner and our orientation meeting at a guesthouse in Jerusalem.




israel2Day 2 – Jerusalem

We begin our Jerusalem Experience atop the Mount of Olives, overlooking the City. From here we will be introduced to all the areas Jerusalem: Mount Moriah, the Temple Mount, the City of David, and Mount Zion. For a special treat (which has become one of the most requested of all the places we visit), our group will work alongside archaeologists as we find ancient treasures from the Temple Mount itself. We then enter the ancient City of David where we will walk along the recently discovered ruins of the palace of Judah’s kings, including Kings David and Solomon. One of Jerusalem’s greatest adventures is walking through King Hezekiah’s water tunnel, the ancient world’s greatest water project. Upon leaving the tunnel, we will see the recently discovered Pool of Siloam where Jesus healed a blind man. Just opened is the underground passageway to the Temple’s Southern Walls. We finish our day visiting the Western Wall.


israel3Day 3 – Jewish Jerusalem

We spend our day in the reconstructed Jewish Quarter, shopping and visiting the Ancient Cardo and Hezekiah’s Broad Wall. If this is a Friday, we return to our guesthouse to freshen up before being invited to a special Shabbat Dinner with a Christian couple who minister to Israel’s “Lone Soldiers”, known (in Hebrew) as the hyalim bodedim. This special treat is an exclusive experience for our travelers only.




israel4Day 4 – Christian Jerusalem

Jesus spent much of his life and ministry in and around Jerusalem. We will visit the biblical sites of His ministry: The Garden of Gethsemane and the Pool of Bethsaida. We will walk the traditional Via Dolorosa, then through the Arab Market to the Garden Tomb. We descend to the Valley of Ben Hinnom on the way back to our guesthouse for supper. As Jerusalem becomes alive again after Shabbat we will take time to shop along Ben Yehudah Street, Jerusalem’s outdoor shopping mall.



israel7Day 5 – Jerusalem and South

We are now on our way south to Emek Haelah to retell the story of the battle of David & Goliath. From here we drive toward the Dead Sea, on the way visiting Tel Beersheba, (where Abraham’s well still exists) and which was the home of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Ishmael; and Tel Arad, the first walled city encountered by Moses as he brought God’s people to the Promised Land from Egypt.




ti9Day 6 – Masada, Dead Sea, Ein Gedi

This morning we take the cable car to the top of Masada to hear the story of one of Israel’s most famous, historical landmarks. Our morning continues with a swim (float) in the Dead Sea, lowest point on the planet. We then climb the oasis of Ein Gedi (where David cut off a piece of King Saul’s cloak) and swim in Ein Gedi’s many, cool waterfalls.



ti10Day 7 – Dead Sea to the Sea of Galilee

We travel north all the way to the Sea of Galilee. Along the way, we stop by Jericho to tell of those whose biblical stories crossed this area of the Land. If any wish to be baptized in the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized by John, we will make arrangements to do so.




israel9Day 8 – Sea of Galile

Today we follow Jesus where He traveled, ministered and taught in the areas around the Sea of Galilee. This will include the cities of the “evangelical triangle” (Korazim, Capernaum, and Bethsaida); locations where He healed, fed the multitudes, and Kursi, where He delivered the demoniac. We will also visit Magdala, the Mount of Beatitudes and Peter’s Primacy. We will end the day watching the sun set over the Sea of Galilee as we take a boat ride on the Sea. Alternate: during the warmer months, we may raft the Jordan River.



n13Day 9 – Western Galilee and Coast

We leave the Sea of Galilee to join the prophet, Elijah, as he challenges the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. We will retell the story from our vantage point above the battle. From the Mountaintop we can also take in the Valley of Jezreel, the “Armageddon” of the Bible. We now drive to the coast to one of King Herod’s most amazing architectural feats: Caesarea by the Sea. This archaeological site contains ancient viaducts, a theater, a hippodrome (where gladiators fought), and the location of Paul’s imprisonment before being sent to Rome. This is also where the gospel was first shared with gentiles.



ti19Day 10 – The Shomron/Final Day

We have saved the best for last! Israel’s first capitol, Shiloh, is one of the most memorable places our people visit. It is, also, a place where almost no tourists ever get to see. Here Joshua placed Moses’ Wilderness Tabernacle and where it stood for the next 369 years. We finish our time in the Promised land with a visit to the Orthodox community of our Tour Operator & Tour Guide for a final dinner celebration before heading to the airport for our flights home.

You will often be asked, “How was your trip to Israel?” Your trip will be so memorable, answering this question will not be so easy!

Although the above itinerary comes from our years of experience, it is only a suggestion. We want this to be your trip. Upon request, we will forward a complete list of potential sites in Israel from which you may add to, or alter, the above suggestions. However, keep in mind that you want your group to have enough time to absorb what they are experiencing; therefore, since you have only 10 days in the Land, it is better to do fewer, more meaningful things than to feel rushed.

Cost per person will depend on the number traveling with you and the dates you choose to travel.

When you have decided to form your own group let us know using our Contact Us Form and we will work with you to create your ideal itinerary and provide you with cost estimates.

Pricing includes:

  • All accommodations
  • Transportation within the Land
  • All-you-can-eat buffet breakfasts & dinners
  • Experienced tour guides
  • All admission fees to locations and all special events
  • Complete Jerusalem Experience
  • Meetings with Israeli Jewish & Christian families (if desired)
  • Working alongside archaeologists
  • Rafting the Jordan River or boating the Sea of Galilee
  • Tips (not included in most other tours)

Pricing does not include:

  • R-T flight to Tel Aviv
  • Most lunches (we are on the road and stop where various choices are available)
  • Personal items (i.e. bottled water)
  • Souvenirs
  • Trip Interruption and/or Trip Health Insurance (if desired)