Why should you travel with us and not take a basic tour?

Because we are not your basic tour!


The most conventional way to see Israel is to join a traditional tour. This form of travel is best suited for the individual (or family) who needs everything to be predictable: following exactly the planned itinerary each day without any potential deviations; accommodations similar to those in one’s home country; staying away from most of the biblical sites. On a traditional tour, the focus is on visiting sites even if they are not authentically biblical.


The most memorable way to see Israel is to join one of our Israel Experiences. Although we fulfill the stated itinerary, we are also free to add to, and/or rearrange, the daily itinerary to allow our participants the maximum set of experiences possible during their stay in the Land. For instance, more than once we have been invited unexpectedly to Israeli’s Parliament and we gladly added that to the day’s itinerary. Our accommodations put us close to the land, the people, and the sites we most want to visit. Although we visit all the traditional, authentic, biblical sites, we do much more. Our days are not as predictable as on a traditional tour; instead, they are fascinating, thought provoking, and extraordinary. We do visit the Israeli part of the “West Bank” because failing to do so means one would miss where nearly 85% of all biblical history took place. On our Israel Experiences, the focus is not only on visiting sites, but also on getting to know the people of Israel, as well as understanding biblical truths and current Middle Eastern issues. Those who have toured Israel and, then, experienced Israel with us have admitted, “If I had not joined this group, I would not have realized that I wasted my time and money when I came to Israel before with a packaged tour. Now, I have truly experienced Israel!” Ask anyone who has traveled with Experiencing Israel and let them tell you their own, amazing stories of having experienced Israel with us…


Who Are We?

We are Chris Davis and Danny & Judy Kransdorf.

Chris is the father of four grown children. His youngest son, Blake, has been to Israel many times. In 1988 Chris founded The Elijah Company, one of the world’s first Christian homeschool supply companies. He also homeschooled his three sons throughout their entire schooling experience

Since 2002, Chris has been taking families to Israel through his two companies, Experiencing Israel & Homeschool Travel. The main reason for choosing Danny and Judy Kransdorf as his Tour Operators is that this couple was able to do what Chris had always envisioned for the families who traveled with him: Help create a set of experiences which families would never forget. Chris, Danny, and Judy believe they have accomplished this and they definitely have the testimonies to prove it!

Danny and Judy are the parents of two sons. When they moved to Israel in 1997 they noticed that tour companies were bringing people to Israel to see the normal tourist sites; but were bypassing the areas where most of Israel’s biblical history took place: the heartland of the country. Danny and Judy started a tour company to resolve this oversight. When they began working with Chris—arranging travel for Christian families—they soon realized that Christian families (especially homeschooling families) are not normal tourists. They want Experiences, not just tourism.


Our Vision

Anyone can travel to another country and see sites (and we do see the sites!) However, no regular tour even attempts to do what Experiencing Israel does: We believe travelers, especially to Israel, need experiences. What kind of experiences? How about going to biblical sites no one else gets to visit? Or, working alongside archaeologists as they unearth treasures from the Temple Mount. Or, baptizing in the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized. Or, riding Bedouin camels. Or, picking up 5 smooth stones at the very same brook where David picked up his 5 stones when he killed Goliath. I could go on and on. Needless to say, we believe we have accomplished what we set out to do and we have the testimonies to prove it!


Our Services

Our services and prices include:

  • Meeting you, your family, or group at the airport with transportation to your first night’s lodging
  • All accommodations
  • Transportation within the Land
  • All-you-can-eat buffet breakfasts & dinners
  • Experienced tour guides
  • All admission fees to locations and all special events
  • Total Jerusalem Experience
  • Sharing a Shabbat meal with Israeli soldiers
  • Working alongside archaeologists
  • Riding Bedouin camels [included on some itineraries]
  • Rafting the Jordan River [included on some itineraries]
  • Baptizing in the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized [if desired by participants]
  • Gleaning a field for Israel’s poor [included on some itineraries]
  • Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee [included on some itineraries]
  • Tips (which are an extra expense on most ordinary tours)

If you are bringing your own group:

  • We make it easy!
  • Simply click on the Bring a Group tab and we do the rest!