Bring a Group and Receive Your Trip for Free (or, Really Cheap)!

Here’s how it works…

We do the following:

  1. We will pay the land portion of your trip if you bring at least 15 paying travelers with you (does not include plane ticket, lunches, and personal items). Contact us if you plan to bring more than 15 paying travelers with you as we can help you  even more!
  2. We also work with families or couples who would rather travel by themselves (without being part of a larger group).
  3. We will work with you to create an amazing itinerary. This includes letting you get in touch with others who have brought a group so you can discover what they did to have a successful trip.
  4. We will do all the ground work to make your group’s stay totally memorable.
  5. We will suggest ways to best promote your group so the maximum number will want to come.

You do the following:

  1. You will decide how many days you want to be in Israel: Choose from 7, 10, 14, 19 days, or any other length of stay (click on icons below for suggested itineraries for each length of stay).
  2. With our input, you will decide the dates you want to come to Israel.*
  3. You will tell us your expected group size.
  4. You will gather everyone’s deposit and send it to us within the required deadline. You will also provide us with a rooming list within the required deadline.
  5. You (and your group or family) will have a wonderful Israel Experience!

Click on an icon, below, to see suggested itineraries:

Click on the Israel flag, above, to view a suggested 7- Day itinerary. Click on the Israel flag, above, to view a suggested 10- Day itinerary. Click on the Israel flag, above, to view a suggested 14- Day itinerary. Click on the Israel flag, above, to view a suggested 19- Day itinerary.


*How do I choose the best dates to bring my group?

The months I would suggest avoiding traveling to Israel are November through early April as that is the rainy season when it can also be cold and, even, snow. Some individuals cannot travel any other time of year, and we have accommodated groups every month of the year. One must also consider avoiding dates of the Jewish holidays as many places in the country are closed. Since these dates change every year, ask us when they occur in the year you wish to visit. Of course, if you are traveling to Israel specifically for one of the holidays (i.e. the Feast of Tabernacles) ask us for those specific dates.

Predicting Israel’s weather is difficult due to her many climate zones. For instance, May is the beginning of summer; however, though it may be warm in the south, in the higher elevations such as Jerusalem, evenings can still be cool. April is pretty in Israel, but evenings can be cool and it can still rain. Talk to us about choosing dates for your group’s travel plans.

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Chris Davis